Justin Bieber – The Worlds most famous boyfriend turns 19

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Happy Birthday Justin!

Six Short – Long Years!

He has just been on this earth for 19 years. His career really only began six years ago (2007). Yet in those short six years, he has managed to own some pretty significant records in the world of music social media.

He is the first artist in entertainment history to have 5 number one albums before the age of 19. He is the first entertainer to have a number one album each year for four consecutive years.

The King Of Social Media


popular social media sites

Social Media Sites

With nearly 35 million twitter followers, he currently has the most twitter followers on the planet!

He has also broken the record of most youtube views ever, with more than four hundred and sixteen million 416,000,000 astounding amount of views.

He also has a staggering 51 million plus Facebook likes.
With these kinds of numbers, Justin Bieber has become more than just a pop star, but a pop phenomenon that surpasses every celebrity in the world in the realm of social media.

justin bieber technicolor image in a convertible car

justin bieber’s profiles in a convertible from the boyfriend video



Not only is Justin Bieber the new king of pop, but he is also the new king of social media as well.

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